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Letter from the President

Posted: February 28, 2017

Dear Foundation Members and Friends:

You will be pleased to know that, based on several different metrics your Foundation is growing stronger.  Here is why we believe this:

  • After a long, slow decline in our membership over many years, we are seeing small but perceptible growth.  This is very much contrary to other Air Force affiliated organizations, and hopefully bodes well for our future.
  • Some of this growth, we believe, stems from our growing social media presence.  The response to our “This Day in Air Force History” vignettes via email, Twitter, and Facebook is very encouraging.  Last year our growth in Twitter followers was approximately 25%, and we are on pace to exceed that in 2017.
  • With the most recent upswing in the markets, our Foundation endowment account is keeping pace and is in line with our targeted rate of return.  We can with some optimism look forward to a time when the returns on the endowment can supplement our operating income, and enable us to invest in programs and projects that enhance the Foundation’s image and fulfill its mission of educating the public about the value of Air Power to our nation’s defense.
  • For two consecutive Foundation-hosted events (see the report on the Holley Award in this issue) we have been supported by speakers from senior Air Force leadership. Strengthening our relationship with senior Air Force leadership has been our goal for a good number of years.  We view this as hopeful sign of a stronger partnership going forward.
  • Speaking of projects, we are hard at work updating our website; it has remained largely unchanged for eight years.  In keeping with modern communications strategy and technology, the website will become the center of our messaging process. Virtually all forms of our communication will emanate from the website and then flow to other more traditional means. Look for this to be unveiled in the next sixty days or so.

However, make no mistake.  This is still a tough economic environment for non-profits, and particularly your Foundation.  It is an annual struggle for us to meet a budget that services the needs of our membership.  And as we look to expand membership services and appeal, we’ll need to find the revenue sources to make it happen.  Your continued support is vital to the relevancy and vibrancy of your Foundation.

It is our fervent belief that we are enhancing our reputation as the reliable source for accurate and accessible history of our United States Air Force.  As always, let me thank you for the part that each of you played in the history and legacy of Air Power, and for your continued encouragement.  It makes our role that much easier, knowing you stand with us.  This is your Foundation.  We need to hear your comments and suggestions as we continue to grow.


Dale W. Meyerrose, Maj Gen, USAF (Retired)
President and Chairman of the Board